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Kahuna Bob Will Surf Again

On November 20, 2014 I suffered a fairly devastating knee injury while surfing one of my favorite waves. It was big and it was good and I had already had several thrilling rides before the one that got me came in.

At first it looked as good as the other ones, but as I took the slope I could see that the right was going to close out, so when I reached the bottom I looked left but only saw a long steep wall that was feathering for 20 yards.

The lip was headed my way so I got low and prepared to ride it out. The thick ole lip caught me square on the back and when I tried to stay up my right knee felt like it dropped down a few inches on my leg.

The movement was accompanied with a considerable amount of pain! The tug from the leash took the pain to the next level and I knew immediately while I was still underwater that something serious had just happened. When I arose in the foam, I grabbed my leash and got on my board. Luckily the next wave broke before it got to me and the powerful whitewater took me all the way onto the beach.

I didn't know it at the time but my patella tendon had ruptured and was no longer attached to the quadriceps muscle. What I did know was that it hurt and it was swelling up fast and the parking lot was 200 yards away and sat 150 feet above the beach.....not good.

On what is a beautiful beach usually, mobbed by walkers, joggers and surfers, there was not a sole in sight this day. After about five minutes I decided to see if I could stand up and put my weight on it. The early tests went well, if it was locked into the straight position I could swing my good leg in front and then carefully drag my right leg forward. It was sort of like a stump.

The first 150 yards went well, slow and a little painful, but I was up on my feet. Then I took a misstep without the bad leg being into the locked position and it felt like Mike Trout hit me in the knee with his baseball bat! I went down holding onto my 9 foot long board and shrieked like a very loud little girl! There was still no one on the beach or trail and by now my bag, camera and tripod are only 30 feet away so I soldier on and I make it to my belongings.

Being a stubborn man, I pack up my gear and start limping toward the base of the mountain, but Mike Trout has other ideas for me and again whacks me in the sore knee again. This time it REALLY hurt and I drop to the sand emitting another shriek. By now some fellow surfers have heard my distress calls and within minutes I find myself surrounded by my surfing brothers. It was like the good Samaritan lights were turned on. One guy took my board and another took my bag and tripod. Others had asked to chair me up the hill but being the ole 210 pound goat, I declined. I found that if I walked backwards up the trail and had something to hold onto I would be okay. Fifteen minutes later I stood on one leg in the parking lot and realized that there was no way I could drive my truck home. J.R. came to my rescue and drove me home! I would also like to thank all of the guys who also helped me on this day! Two weeks later after an MRI and several insurance approvals, I was admitted for surgery. On December 8th Dr. Michael Kimball of the Girard Orthopedic Group, popped open the hood and looked inside. Three hours later I came out of the fog with a nice new surgically repaired right knee! As of this date I have been attending physical therapy for three weeks and the results are looking very promising. I am not quite surfing on my feet yet, but have started paddling and riding a few on my belly.

Kahuna Bob will surf again! Probably sometime in March we will be open for business once again.

Beginning the week of March 2nd, we will be offering weekly camps. Monday thru Fridays, with 3 hour sessions daily. All of the equipment will be provided including boards, leash and wetsuits. The cost is $300.00 for the week long camp, or you can drop in for a daily session at $75.00 per day. Most classes will be held at Beacons Beach located in Encinitas. If you are looking for a more advanced lesson and have your own gear, the cost is $250.00 per week or $60.00 per day. If you would like to develop your skills as a competitive surfer, we will also offer coaching along with video analysis to take you to the next level. We also can make surf movies of you and your friends or family. We have produced over 100 movies of surf contests, trips, sporting events and father/son go outs. If you are curious about your style there is no better or quicker way to improve your skills! On another personal note, our son Rusty, who is a senior at Eastern New Mexico University, got his first win and start of his 2015 baseball season. Yeah buddy! Peggy, my wife and my life, had her right hip replaced last month and will go back in early March for her left one. By the end of April we both hope to be fully functioning humans once again, thanks to the marvels of modern medicine. Aloha for now and we hope to see you in the parking lot soon.

Kahuna Bob

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